The Gallup Energy Logistics Park, LLC (GELP) is a rail-served industrial development on 2,500 acres of property located in McKinley County, approximately 5 miles north of Gallup, New Mexico. HG Management completed Phase 1 of the GELP rail project on time and on budget. The first phase, which cost $6.5 million and was constructed in less than 5 months, includes 11,000 linear feet of new rail.

The Gallup Energy Logistics Park is one of only 10 sites in the country certified by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) as “rail served and shovel ready.” HG Management worked closely with engineers and the BNSF Railway to earn certification for a 365-acre parcel of the property and develop the infrastructure for rapid expansion on 2,500 additional acres. The certification ensures the site is ready for rapid acquisition and development through comprehensive evaluation of existing and project infrastructure, environmental and geotechnical standards, utility evaluation, and site availability.

GELP serves as a logistics hub for the entire area and offers direct access to the BNSF Southern Transcon line and close proximity to I-40, and highways 491 and 602. As a rail-served industrial park, the site is permitted for heavy industrial development and provides easy access to roads, rails, and utilities. It is ideally located to serve the oil and natural gas industries of the San Juan Basin and surrounding areas, as well as light manufacturing and storage industries, and will help companies in Farmington, Four Corners, and other localities increase their productivity and accessibility.